Are you considering hiring a wedding planner? Do you think your family or friends can do an equally good job? Below we will take a look at both these options and try to decide which one is better. How hard is it really to figure out all the small details and considerations regarding your wedding?


Professional Planner vs. Family – Practical Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner


So the big day is coming, and you have to decide who to hire as your wedding planner. Some might consider their parents or other family members – a worthy option especially when they organized and/or hosted successful wedding parties in the past. But wouldn’t it be better to hire a professional wedding planner, and have your parents take a load off and relax? Let’s take a closer look…


  • The most practical reason why you might want to consider a wedding planner is that they have a lot more experience in managing their clients’ budget and providing sound, invaluable advice for the wedding.
  • Family members should be active witnesses at your wedding, and they should also be able to enjoy themselves. After all, weddings are special, and they don’t come along all that often.
  • Even the most well-meaning and organized of your friends can be distracted from their wedding planning duties by a stray cocktail and overlook some vital details that may lead to a fiasco.
  • Caterers, decorators and your entire army of helpers needs a “general” who can direct them properly and answer all their questions. If you want someone who won’t cave in to the pressure, and who can give the most knowledgeable answers, a wedding planner is your best choice.


Who Can Help You with the Most Uncommon Details?


Wedding planners can often help out with problems that don’t usually come up, or agonizing delays that would cause most people a great degree of anxiety.


So there is no real substitute for hiring a wedding planner, as long as you want your big day to go off without a hitch. Why hire a wedding planner? Simply because it’s the most natural and practical choice that any couple should make when it comes to the most important day of their lives.

Anything can happen on the day of your wedding!  Is your lipstick fading?  Forgot to shave?  Are you thirsty but can’t drink anything because you don’t want your lipstick to come off?  Is your phone dying?  Did the groom or groomsmen lose a sock?  Wouldn’t it be splendid to have an emergency kit?  This handy-dandy emergency wedding kit can solve your problems in a heartbeat!  Also, this is one of the perks of hiring a wedding planner.  Every wedding planner will have all of these items and even more! They are professionals and are always ready to tackle any kind of emergency.

There was an incident that happened at Jessie and Laurie’s Pink Wedding that Cloud 9 Weddings & Papers planned on May 18, 2017 at Evergreen Lake House.  One of the dresses was missing the eye of the hook and the eye.  Not to worry, Cloud 9 Weddings & Papers always has an emergency kit!  We were able to fix the problem and no one even knew what happened.

Dress Emergency:

“Jewelry Wedding Bride Wedding Dress Country” is licensed by CC0 1.0

  • -White Chalk – can cover up anything that gets on your wedding dress and no one will even notice
  • -Sewing Kit (scissors, needles, buttons, thread, and safety pins)
  • -Dress Tape- to keep your dress in place or to fill in any gaps that there might be
  • -Hem Tape – to adjust and hold the appropriate length
  • -Extra Undergarments
  • -Hairspray – controls runs in stockings
  • -Earring Backs

Suit Emergency:

“Buttonhole Marriage Groom Wedding Suit Tie Formal” is licensed by CC0 1.0)

  • -Black Chalk (the same color chalk as your suits)- can cover up anything that gets on your suit
  • -Shoe Polish
  • -Lint Roller
  • -Corsage Pins

Medical Emergency:

“First Aid Kit” by Pixabay is licensed by CC0

  • -Tweezers
  • -Band-Aids
  • -Pain Reliever Medicine
  • -Allergy Medicine
  • -Nausea Medicine
  • -Eye Drops
  • -Antibiotic Creams
  • -Blister Treatment

Hair Emergency:

“Hairstyle” by Markus Spiske is licensed by CC0

  • -Hair Spray
  • -Gel
  • -Comb
  • -Brush
  • -Mini Hair Straightener
  • -Mini Curling Iron
  • -Hair Elastics
  • -Bobby Pins
  • -Baby Powder – acts as a dry shampoo and makes freshly washed hair easier to style

Makeup Emergency:

“Makeup Brushes” by Free Stocks is licensed by CC0

  • -Lipstick
  • -Q-Tips
  • -Makeup Remover
  • -Makeup Setter
  • -Blotting Papers – removes excess oil
  • -Straws – makes you able to stay hydrated without removing lipstick

Nail Emergency:

“Reaching Green Plant” by Unsplash is licensed by CC0

  • -Nail Clippers
  • -Nail Filer
  • -Top Coat Nail Polish
  • -Nail polish (same color as bride’s and bridesmaids’ nails)

To Freshen Up:

“Glass Bottle” by Pixabay is licensed by CC0

  • -Breath Mints/Breath Strips- breath strips are good if you need a quick freshen up because they dissolve in your mouth quickly
  • -Perfume/Cologne
  • -Dental Floss
  • -Tooth Picks
  • -Deodorant
  • -Baby Powder- absorbs sweat
  • -Tampon/Sanitary Napkins/Panty Liners
  • -Towelettes
  • -Razor
  • -Lotion (unscented) – you don’t want it to clash with your perfume/cologne scent
  • -Toothbrush
  • -Toothpaste
  • -Mouthwash
  • -Tissues – in case there are waterworks


“Cellphone Business Smartphone Mobile Communication” is licensed by CC0 1.0

  • -Chargers (iPhone and Samsung)
  • -Extension Cord
  • -Multi Wall Outlet


  • -Sunscreen (unscented)
  • -Bug Repellent (unscented)
  • -Heel Protectors – to keep your heels from sinking into the dirt if you’re walking in the grass

Other Essentials

  • -Small, Easy Snacks (granola bars, trail mix, crackers, etc.)
  • -Drinks- energy drinks/water
  • -Wedding Party Contact List- it’s good to have a list of everyone’s number and who they are just in case they are late or disappear


Here is a printable version of the checklist for your wedding day!

Printable Checklist

Guests will always remember the food you serve at your wedding.  Refreshments leave a long, lasting impression because everyone loves to eat!  Here are 10 food and beverage trends for 2017 that will jazz up your wedding.

1. Food on wheels: Food trucks are interactive, economical, and they are a great, new experience for guests.

“Purple Food Truck Food Power Supply Car Works” by Ben_Kerckx is licensed under CC0 1.0

2. Signature Cocktails: You can get as creative as you want with drinks, add a special drink to the menu, and it can be cost-friendly.

signature cocktails

Cloud 9 Weddings & Papers planned a wedding that offered a pear lemon fizzy and a grape elderflower fizzy.

3. Breakfast food: People love breakfast for dinner!  Serve pancakes, waffles, eggs, or other breakfast foods.  Midmorning ceremonies are less expensive than ceremonies in the evening which would make breakfast food appropriate to serve.

“Waffles” by PublicDomainPictures is licensed under CC0 1.0

4. Minis: Small is the new big.  Eating bite sized food is more eye appealing to guests.  Sometimes portions can be too much for people so this allows portion control without being obvious.  

“Miniature Pancakes on a Stick with Powdered Sugar and Strawberries for Breakfast or Brunch on a White Ceramic Plate” by Personal Creations is licensed by CC BY 2.0

milkshake shooters

Mini milkshakes were served at a Cloud 9 Weddings & Papers’ Wedding.

5. Food Stations: Stations can include food stations, action stations, or do it yourself (DIY) stations.  You can have multiple food stations throughout your venue with different kinds of food.  Action stations utilize a chef standing behind a table who cooks the food in front of guests.  People love to watch their food being made!  DIY stations are interactive and fun.  Who doesn’t like to choose their food and customize it for themselves?

“Ice Cream Toppings Galore on our Carnival Cruise” by Nick Gray is licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

6. Replace the Cake: Spice up your wedding cake with any kind of dessert that is shaped like a cake or an inside out cake.

“8 Layer of Burgers on Glass Tray” by Picasa is licensed by CC0

7. Eliminate Silverware: You save waste and/or water.  You don’t necessarily need to have finger foods, but you can play around on how foods are consumed.

“Leek Potato Soup” by Karolina Grabowska is licensed by CC0 1.0

8. Farm-to-Table: These foods are fresh and local.  The term “farm-to-table” describes food that is grown on a farm and goes directly to the table to be served.  The dishes are served as simple as possible in order to retain the tasty, original flavor from the food.

“Farm-To-Table” by Pashi is licensed by CC0 1.0

9. Dessert Table: Rather than having wedding cake as your only dessert, you can fill a table with other sweets!

Cloud 9 Weddings & Papers had a bride and groom that 

wanted a cake and a candy bar.

Epicurean cannoli

Cannolis were served at a Cloud 9 Weddings & Papers’ Wedding.  

10. Late Night Snacks: Guests build up an appetite after dancing the night away and what better to satisfy that hunger with a late night snack?

late night snack pretzel wall

Cloud 9 Weddings & Papers planned a wedding where pretzels

were offered as a late night snack.

Do you love your pet so much that you want to incorporate him or her into your special day?  Pets are not just animals. They are part of the family!  They eat, breathe, play, talk, joke around, and love just like any other member in the family.  They just have fur and look absolutely adorable.  Here are 11 ways to include your pet on your wedding day.  

1) Pictures- You can include your pet in your “Save the Date” pictures, engagement, and wedding pictures.

“Save The Date” by Chad Sparkes is licensed under CC BY 2.0

2) Sign holder- Put a sign around your pet that directs your guests to where the ceremony is or you can put a welcome sign around your pet’s neck. 

3) Replace your bouquet with your pet- Instead of walking down the aisle with a bouquet of flowers you can carry your pet.

4) Have your pet walk down the aisle- You can include your pet in your wedding party and have her or him walk down the aisle. 

“Cani Sposati” by Luca Conti is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

5) Let your pet be at the alter- Have your pet lay next to you or sit at the altar during your ceremony. 

By Spiritze is licensed under CC0 1.0

6) Transportation- If you have a horse, you can ride in and ride away on your pet. 

By Kathryn is licensed under CC BY 2.0

7) Special dance- Like a father-daughter dance, you can have a special dance with your pet.

8) Involve your pet in your reception activities- Do you have a photo booth?  You can use your pet as a prop.  You can also put your pet in a booth with a sign that says “pet me” or “kiss me”. 

“Kissing Booth” by Roxanne Ready is licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

9) Dog décor- Is your dog too energetic or not disciplined enough?  No worries, you can still incorporate your pet into your wedding theme with décor like pictures.

10) Flower girl escort- Your pet can walk your flower girl down the aisle.

11) Ring bearer- Your pet can be at the altar with the rings or can walk down the aisle with the rings when it is time to exchange them. 

“Wedding Mason Neck State Park Sept 17 2016 edited” by Virginia State Parks is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Kelly Lemon Photography

Cloud 9 Weddings & Papers had a bride that funds no kill shelters and fosters dogs that are in kill shelters. She works with Maxfund and they attended the wedding with senior dogs for a photo opportunity and to help them find homes.


Scottish Colorado Wedding ~ Maria and Craig: We LOVE this couple! From the minute we met these two, we knew this would be a fun and fantastic wedding. Maria works in the industry so had a great vision as to what they wanted for their wedding. Elegant, clean and timeless. They had family traveling from the East Coast to the UK to Colorado. Craig incorporated his Scottish heritage with custom kilts in their family’s tartan.

Maria and Craig’s Tuscan meets Colorado aesthetic could not have looked more gorgeous in ivory, navy, green with gold touches. Stone urns were used for the entrance pieces to the ceremony as well as in the centerpieces. The wedding itself took place at the Country Club at Castle Pines which boasts amazing views of the mountains. What Scottish ceremony would be complete without a bagpiper to lead the guests to cocktail hour? Fantastic!

Following, guests were wowed with an amazing reception tent with hanging chandeliers and greenery. Timeless and sophisticated linens and tableware completed the elegant and timeless look Maria and Craig wanted. To further make this day their own, fish and chips were offered as a late night snack along with New Jersey caramel popcorn, fudge and salt water taffy.

We were so excited when Style Me Pretty published this wedding on their blog! Thank you to our amazing vendor team:

Photography: Connie Whitlock | Floral Design: The Perfect Petal | Wedding Dress: Anne Barge | Cake: The Makery | Stationery: Vera Wang  | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: J.Crew | Catering: Catering By Design | Makeup Artist: Allison Beach | Hair Stylist: Glam Team | Calligraphy: Christina Johnson | Groom’s Attire: Slan J Kilts | Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse | Transportation: Arrow Stage Lines | Wedding Venue: The Country Club At Castle Pines | Bagpiper: Michael Lancaster | Calligraphy (Mirror): | Dress Boutique: Little White Dress Bridal Shop | Lighting + Draping: LMD Productions | Music + Entertainment: Syndicate | Photobooth: ShutterBooth | Rentals: Event Rents | String Trio: Columbine Entertainment

ivory wedding invitations white and green bouquet anne barge white and green boutonniere stone urn centerpiece arch flowers mirror calligraphy white and green bouquet denver wedding ceremony scottish wedding tent reception kings tables green and white centerpieces navy, green and gold wedding white and gold wedding cake gold flatware